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Image by Samuel Girven

Training with Emergo puts me at ease, they are one of the best trainers I have had. In the past, I have worked with multiple trainers, and due to the type of workouts given to me my knees have been in a pretty bad shape.


However, Emergo trainers are very knowledgeable, planning workouts to strengthen my knees whilst achieving my weight lost goals. They are very committed to their clients and pays attention to even the most minuscule details.


They are very professional and always ensures my well being. Each session with them is focused on how my body is feeling that day, whilst pushing myself to the best of my ability. And the best thing about working out with them is that they make my workouts fun. Creating stories for every actions, filling each session with laughters. I highly recommend anyone interested in workout out to give Emergo a try!

Emily Tan

Have been training with Emergo since early last year.  They are dedicated and observant, who emphasis on correct techniques, so to prevent from unnecessary injury and work on the right muscle group. They can be kinda strict sometimes, never let a trainee to slack the whole session (aka easy workout), they make sure you work towards your maximum energy level near failure stage, that is where you slowly see your hard work pays off! 


It took me years wonder how to reduce body fat till they mentioned about calories deficit, diet plan that they shared. Taking baby steps and getting used to clean diet is challenging,  but I made it after 2 months!Manage to shed 7 kg of weight since October last year. 


With regular training and proper diet, I slowly recover from hamstring tear due to a running race 2 years ago,  I feel leaner and stronger now. Thanks Emergo!

Douglas Toh

Gym Equipments

Emergo trainers are absolutely stellar. They are easy to get along with and creative with their workouts so there’s never a dull moment. Training with them gets your basics down pat so you can build strength and sculpt your body to its best form with minimal or no injury. 


Training with Emergo has produced the best results for me. Before them, I had hit a plateau and was frequently injured. They intuitively knew how to tailor the workouts to my body type and busy schedule to jolt my muscle growth. Their keen knowledge of muscle therapy also kept me from injury. For maximum and lasting results, you’ll want to train with Emergo.

Sam Williams


I started with Emergo 3 years ago, and I’ve since come a long way. From the start, they would make sure that they understand what you want. Then, they make sure that you understand what you are signing yourself up for. Their candid but understanding nature shows when you train with them - safety first, but they always make sure you push your limits.

A knowledgeable team, they are thorough with helping you become a better version of yourself. To that end, they helped me (a complete beginner with 0 prior experience) to get started with a training program, schedule, and recommended some diets as well as supplements. They still help me to tweak my diet and programs, while working flexibly with me to suit my timing and needs.


One of the best takeaways from them would not necessarily be the training program itself, but that they will always be a part of your support system in your pursuit of fitness. They will push you. Hard. But it will always be worth it when you see the results of your hard work. They are the kind of trainers that I feel many want but cannot get - they see their jobs as more than the money, but about making a difference in their clients’ lives. That in itself makes Emergo a very worthy team to train under.

Rochelle Ng

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